Scientists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)National Centers for Environmental Information have released an early update for the World Magnetic Model that powers a variety of global navigational systems.

Over the last few years, Earth’s magnetic field has been shifting rapidly. Most recently, the planet’s north magnetic pole began lurching toward Siberia. The sudden and dramatic changes weren’t anticipated by WMM’s previous update.

Usually released every 5 years with the next model scheduled to be published in 2020, NOAA have released an early updated module due to the significance of the changes.

You can download the 2015V2 WMM for B&G Deckman provided by TORO Data Systems for FREE here :

Simply download and place the wmm.d file into the ‘Data’ folder in your Deckman installation directory, overwriting your previous model.

For an overview of the earth updated magnetic model on a Mercator projection see here:…/da…/WMM2015/WMM2015v2_D_MERC.pdf